About Marina


Marina Margulis is the founder and CEO of NY Socials. She is regarded as a top matchmaker and dating/relationship coach in NYC. Marina holds a professional CMM (Certified Match Maker) certification from the Match Making Institute of America, as well as a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) certification from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching.

Marina has successfully worked with some of the most affluent men, providing both matchmaking  as well as dating and relationship coaching services. As a matchmaker, Marina does not believe in applying a broad brushstroke of theories and methods to bringing people together, and more importantly, keeping them together. Not all of her clients are looking for marriage. Some are perfectly happy just ‘being in a relationship’. That is why Marina looks at every relationship differently, and presents each of her clients with a unique approach and solution to suit his dating wants and needs.

As a professional dating coach, Marina is available to help clients with all of the niceties of dating in this day and age. She understands that some of her clients have been out of the dating game for a long time, while others may not be comfortable in social situations. Through a variety of unique dating services, she is always available to assist clients with their dating needs, and her main goal is to help create the opportunity for a perfect relationship that her clients are looking for.

Marina is also a contributing dating expert on popular sites like  YourTango, DatingAdviceDating Headshots, and others.  Her articles have been syndicated in publications like Huffington Post, Women’s Health and more. In April of 2014, Marina was named Woman Of The Year by the National Association of Professional Women.