Man and Machine Vie for Your Love Life: Online Dating vs. Matchmaker

Online flirt on workplace

A 2013 Pew Research Center’s study revealed that one out of five adults in America has used an online dating site. ONE OUT OF FIVE. That’s huge! Really huge!

Sadly, the same study reveals that one third of the participants who admitted to regularly using online dating sites have never actually gone on a date with anyone they met online. That’s bad. Really bad!  Read More

Who Is Afraid Of The Dating Coach?

Who is afraid of the Dating Coach

There is something about the words “dating coach” that disturbs many men. Whereas women gobble up tons of pounds of self-help literature, men prefer to take stabs in the darkness when it comes to dating advice, and go at it alone. Most are convinced they do not need help even if they have been single and trying for decades with not much to show for it. What is it about the suggestion of dating coaching — or just dating help —that sets men running? Read More

10 Biggest Turnoffs In A Man

It’s an age-old story: you meet a girl at a party (or online). You start texting and flirting, allowing yourself to believe that you may have found the woman of your dreams. You can’t wait for the first date, counting the minutes until you are together. When you finally meet you’re still just as excited, but by the end of the date you start to feel that she is withdrawn and cold. When you lean in for a kiss, you get the side of her cheek and a corner of an ear (if you’re lucky). When you text her again, the response is “I had a lovely time, but I don’t think that this will work out.”

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5 Easy Ways To Ask A Woman Out To Get A ‘Yes’

Ask a woman out

Does it seem like your dating life never gets off the Internet? You don’t have a problem finding a girl online. You don’t have a problem starting correspondence with her. But then, months go by, you keep communicating with this seemingly attractive and intelligent woman. You seem to click and connect on many physical and intellectual levels. You feel like you’ve known her all your life. Yet, all of this goes on virtually. The thought of meeting her is always in your mind but you keep pushing it further and further away. Tomorrow turns into next week, which turns into next month. Before you know, eternity is here, she looses interest and you are back to square one. Or worse: while she is still corresponding with you, she starts telling you about these wonderful dates she went on and how wonderful the guys were. You have now become pen pals. Read More

How To Attract Any Woman You Want

Brunette woman with beautiful blue eyes

Are you having trouble talking to or dating beautiful women? Whether you’re shy or don’t have much experience in the dating scene, it’s possible for you to attract any woman you want without compromising your true self.

Here are some tips from a dating coach on how to attract the woman you want. Read More